Your whakapapa
Your whānau
Your identity

Keep track of whānau whakapapa information, preserve and share cultural records and narratives, own and control whānau data and servers, and build a stronger sense of whānau, community and identity.

Āhau brings whānau together

Āhau is a Whānau Data Platform that helps whānau-based communities (whānau, hapū, Iwi) capture, preserve, and share important information and histories into secure, whānau managed databases and servers.
Whakapapa Records

Maintain whānau and whenua connections through our collaborative whakapapa record management tool.

Tribal Registries

Record and maintain up to date whanau information with whakapapa linked tribal registries.

Cultural Archiving

Capture, preserve and share cultural heritage, histories and narratives all stored in whānau owned and managed archives.

Data Sovereignty

All data is collected, stored and shared using your own personal devices and your whānau connections.

Āhau is completely free to use

Get started with Āhau today

Whether you want to create and archive for you Iwi and record the oral histories of your people, or whether you want a private archive to record your life story for your future grandchildren to read. Thanks to our funders, Āhau is free for you and your whole whānau to use. Your only limit is how much free storage you have across your devices.



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