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A platform for Indigenous data sovereignty

Āhau provides a grassroots approach to data sovereignty by putting the tools for data collection, ownership, and application in the hands of the whānau communities. To this purpose Āhau (ltd) has developed an innovative set of applications that is completely free for whānau communities to use and access.

Connect your information

Individuals control and manage their own profile information which automatically updates whakapapa records and tribal registries.

Stored on your databases

Maintain control and ownership of your data by saving in your own databases running on your own devices.

access your information

Access, learn and contribute to your whānau histories, your whakapapa lines and whānau connections and your cultural identity.

Collaborative Whakapapa Records

Collaborative Whakapapa Records

Maintain your whakapapa connections

Use Āhau to create visual whakapapa charts. These records can than be shared and updated by whānau and managed by whakapapa kaitiaki. Record whānau information including different names, date of birth and death, whāngai and adopted relationships and more.

Other features include, CSV importer, name search, view different ancestor lines, show and hide descendant lines. All whakapapa records are fully encrypted to either your device or to a specific tribal group.

Whakapapa Linked Tribal Registries

Whakapapa Linked Tribal Registries

Maintain whānau information

Convert your whakapapa chart into your whānau database and tribal registry information that whānau kaitiaki can access. Record and view information including contact and address information, current age and occupations and more. You can also show/hide descendant lines, and show/hide whānau who are no longer living.

Cultural Archiving

Preserve and share your cultural heritage

Whether you want to preserve and transfer the histories of your people, or whether you want to record your own history for your future generations. Āhau is free to use to create community and personal archives, and store whakapapa and archive records and artefacts. Record video, photos, text along with the corresponding meta-data. See our record data-model for detail

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